What do you see #47

I started a painting

With oils of a hue

That reflect my thoughts

And visions of you.

A bit of a puzzle as to where to begin

Before or after where we’ve been

Starting fresh, I turn the page

Should I paint envy with the green of sage

Or sadness with hints of blue

Red for the passion of youth

Golden leaves for the bright days

Somber brown for forgotten ways

I think I’ll put the paints away

Wait for better memories my mind to play.



14 thoughts on “What do you see #47

  1. A picture paints a thousand words
    But I can’t hold a brush
    I try to capture thoughts of you
    But it all turns to mush
    Paint like tears keeps running down
    The canvas of my cheek
    And no amount of artistry
    Will say just what I seek
    To say to you, relay to you
    The love I feel. So when
    The brush keeps shaking in my hand
    Instead I use a pen

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