MLMM Wordle – Man’s Best Friend

There was no lull in his addiction. Ever since John came of age, he was not able to pinpoint when the ravel of his psyche began. Possibly his vituperative parents, never holding him, giving him that honey pleasure so many other children enjoyed. In his earliest years, if he acted in a playful manner, he was sent to his room with never a clue to what caused their anger.

Now, keeping his distance and only sporting a false swagger when at his job, caused him to carve out his own world. Only in the dark, alone, would he sneak beside happy homes, peering into windows, wishing that could have been his life. He kept this up until one night his sobs attracted a friendly dog. The dog failed to bark, probably realizing the distress John was in. The dog followed him home, even after being pushed away a few times. John is lonely no more and his nightly wandering stopped.


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