MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 8-2-20


A funny thing happened on the way to the laundry. As I woke this morning I felt an unusual surge of energy and proceeded to gather up clothing, bedsheets, and a few pillow covers from the settee. I seemed almost driven by the task and my arms were overloaded by the time I reached the laundry room door.

I was in the hallway about to step into the laundry room, when I noticed a cute picture of my granddaughter was hanging askew. For some reason I still can’t figure out, I dropped the laundry only a foot away from its destination and straightened the photo frame on the wall. I bent to retrieve the clothing on the floor and glanced to the frame and there it was, hanging sideways again.

Dropping the laundry once more as I seemed obsessed with straightening the photo, this time I hesitated a few seconds before picking up the laundry. The frame moved back to its tilted position. A feeling of weird panic started to creep up my neck. Was this a sign, do I need to heed some sort of warning, or was it just a faulty nail holding the frame?

I decided to ignore it, put half the load into the washer and stepped back to the hallway. I couldn’t help trying to rehang it correctly. This time the frame immediately went off center. Panic overwhelmed me. I ran to my phone and called my daughter. “Is everything okay? Is Helene safe? I had this. . .”

“Mom, stop! Helene was in an accident. I haven’t had time to call, but I think you need to come to the hospital. . .now!”


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