dVerse Poets – Revolution

When I read this prompt I thought to myself, no way, I can’t start, because if I do, I won’t be able to stop. Then of course, the news.


Raise or burn your flags

Paint a sign of dissent or cower

No one wants to see, but all are looking

No one really wants to know but can’t stop reading

And lives lost or bartered for ransom?

Sing your songs or listen in closets

Brandish your weapons, scream your insults, defy medical advice, don’t worry about your children, what they see and hear, quell their fear with words of hate.

Is this a revolution? Where is sanity? Even if we forget about the whole “love your neighbor” idea, what can violent actions accomplish?

While our lying conspirator sits in the most important house in our land, housed and fed by us, safe and sound, spits on our forefathers’ ideals, spewing hostile slurs and condoning lawlessness, with nazi-like retaliation?

Damn right we need a revolution, but not against each other. We need to join together to hold that conspirator accountable.


Poetics: Revolution

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