What Day is it Anyway?

Blooey! That’s what! I finally just screenshot my Sunday Whirl post. Everything is jumping around, refusing to load, and when I push publish, it disappears and goes to the iPad icon screen. What’s up with that? I’ll see what happens after I finish composing here. Anymore, will I have to screenshot my posts? What a pita!

It started out well today, woke up early, plenty of time to get ready for my CT scan and X-ray appointments. Wore my mask, rolled in to find half the people not wearing masks. Even before the virus this lab has a sign saying to stay behind it so you’re not invading a person’s privacy. Not today, I had someone right behind me, one coming up beside me and no masks.

Huffing up my glasses behind the mask I was pissed. I checked in and sat away from everyone else. People who had a mask such as the older couple pushing up behind me just wore them around their neck. Did they expect it to quickly move up by itself if it spotted virus germs? Good heavens!

After I sat down I called the desk and said why am I sitting in a waiting room full of people wearing no masks? She said, oh, I’ll tend to it and came out handing out masks. One lady refused to wear it and went to the bathroom. There’s a large sign on the door saying you are required to wear one. No wonder our WY cases are spiking now. And rules? Following rules in this case is necessary to protect yourself and others! 😳🙄😤

Another day, another rant. I did see a beautiful grove of aspen trees today. I guess it was worth it. And here’s a reason to smile. Granddaughter and friend chillin’ in NJ: