Virus lessons?

We could take this all as an experiment. Mother Nature, powers that be, gods, fate, what or whoever? “They” wanted to see if we could lower pollution, stay at home with family, spend less on unnecessary items, notice our neighbors, share our wealth, realize there are people trying to live and exist on a fraction of what we have and enjoy. Do you think it’s possible we will learn anything from this virus? Am I a lone person with this question?

Things will of course return to “normal” with people back to their selfish lives, polluting our earth, wasting resources, and another century will pass. Even though the number of deaths continue to rise, people ignore the medical experts, and support from our government leaders? All deny any responsibility, flaunt rules they profess, or try to debunk with their own foolish self serving actions.

Maybe the children who survive will learn something. We need to hope they will.



4 thoughts on “Virus lessons?

  1. I think you are actually very close to the mark here. I view the planet as an organism. Like most large organisms, it attracts parasites and sometimes suffers from embarrassing acne outbreaks. When these things start to grow out of control, the planetary organism will find a way to defend itself. In this newly coined “Anthropocene” era in which we live, it’s obvious that WE are the troublesome parasite du jour. All the Earth is doing is what any of us would do in a similar situation: whatever it can to survive. We can either learn to work with it, or it will eventually finish the job.

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