Future Times

Don’t be a ninny! Just turn the key, dang it! Hurry up, there’s no one around right now but we still need to hurry!

Joe fumbled it so Jack grabbed the key and the door creaked open. It wasn’t the first time the boys had sneaked in where they weren’t supposed to be. It was kismet that Jack had seen the mysterious old key just laying there on the professor’s desk.

The lecture that day had been about library volumes revealing secret messages from the days of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Apparently they were confiscated when technology failed and people had to write handwritten notes. The world was turned on its head and everything reverted to times before the first world wars on earth.

The boys were curious because in current times, there was no handwriting, no actual technology with computers or phones. If you wanted to communicate you only had to think of the person and were automatically tuned in to them. College classes were usually silent but the professors knew if you were listening. Professor Jones had the only key to these hidden treasures and now Joe and Jack would see them too, a fantasy come true.





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