What Day is it? 3-25-20

Good day! It’s sunny and fifty degrees here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A few new virus infections since yesterday, but if you believe Trump – say it isn’t so! – it will all be over by Easter. Oh well, as long as the corporations are bailed out. . .who cares about the rest of us?

On a more positive note, I have leftover chicken and dumplings for dinner today, still sipping coffee and snap chatted my mess (one liner Wednesday) to my grandkids asking them, here’s mine, let’s see yours. I shocked Elaine, aka the neatest woman on earth, with my messy post, but reminded her I live on my bed most of the time–chairs are only comfortable for a short time. So people, let’s see your mess!

It seems to me that March is going fast. And unlike most of you, I am used to the isolation, so how are you doing? Are your days dragging on? Stay well!🤗



10 thoughts on “What Day is it? 3-25-20

  1. Today is our first official day of self-isolation… We’ve been keeping away from stores and malls for a while now, but as of this morning, we’ll try to stay home for good for as long as we can. It made my anxiety drop totally. We know we are both fine, so as long as we don’t interact with anyone else, face to face, things will be great! I’ll sure miss working with my pjs on, when we’ll move back to our offices, but that’s not until 3 more weeks! 😛

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  2. I had to go out today and yesterday to get homeopathy and food, and wore my little mask and seem to be okay. Being home almost all the time is what I have done for years, although ironically I opened my first office in ten years or so at the start of February. Oops.

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    1. Murphy’s law, right? He’s been creeping around lately. The worst for us is three college graduations that aren’t taking place after all the hard work, very upsetting to them.


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