This is Going to be Long and Boring….

Just warning you, Elaine…..

It was a day, actually still is at 2:54pm, sunny and warm. I checked in on Maude and Mickey, and even though I moved them into my inner sanctum (bedroom) where they will get more sun, no progress yet. As I was saying, it started out well, decided to do some cleaning. If you’ve never tried to vacuum while sitting in a wheelchair, try it, “fun fun fun till daddy took the Tbird away”….but I digress – love that phrase. .digress, not The Beach Boys.

As usual I get the cord wrapped up or under the wheels, rolling with one hand while vacuum is in the other, well, picture it. . .circles. I’ll just let that one sink in. I’m not even going to mention the right brake handle that constantly falls, causing it to brake on that side and it’s longer than the left since it was replaced by the original during repairs. Which means along with wheels, it’s another catch for the vacuum cord. Still reading? You get a gold star!πŸŽ–

Man, you have a long attention span! So after the vacuuming, cursing at the chair and cord, I decide to make coffee. Now I have a routine for this and I find the older I get my routines are needed, because otherwise if things are done out of order, you might forget something necessary. I hate to admit it but this started when I was zoned out on Fentanyl years ago.

(I always wash my hair first in the shower. I do that so shampoo soap is washed off the rest of my body. It’s something we in dry climates do, skin dries fast enough without adding soap residue. Sounds like OCD? Let’s not go there… So one time I didn’t, stepped out to find I forgot to wash my hair, but in my defense, I was medicated at the time.)

I put the kettle on, and then as I do every day, got a spoon and cup. Another admittance here, I have a favorite spoon. I know, crazy isn’t it…but it’s slightly larger than the others and takes less scooping? I grabbed the wrong one, put it back and thought how silly I was in doing that, and said to myself, “you are a complete a–“. Some days I tell myself inappropriate things…

So fast forward to an hour ago when my daughter with her daughter came to pick up a check to pay a bill for me. I had organized some items in the sanctum and they graciously put them up in the closet for me. Then they returned with an “ultra caramel cappuccino” from Starbucks, a definite luxury.

I had intended for this to be a personal rant and grumble, but look how it ended! A good day indeed, or, all’s well that ends well.πŸŒΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ»


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