Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Refaire

(Egads, I thought the Prompt was 63 words—why, where and how I have no idea! My only excuse could possibly be my 17 year old grandson and I were watching the third installment of the Hobbit movies, which I always get confused with the Lord of the Rings. Basically, I’m easily confused. ..)


It doesn’t take much to perplex this dude

His main defense is always rude

His brain functions on attitude

The truth is he’s absolutely crude.

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks

He has the brain of Jar Jar Binks

He doesn’t think on anything much

That’s why he’s always out of touch

Never question him, he’ll double clutch

That really sums him up.


My continuation for my 63-90 (poem):

Well it seems I’ve made another error

Reading a blogger made me awarer

That I was mistaken writing only sixty-three words

Perplexed myself, now I feel absurd.


Now it is the required 90 words🧐🙄. My apologies, Sammi!

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