Wrong Choices

“Well look at it! What’s gonna happen now? He told us never to touch it, and look what’s happened!” Joe and Jack, two enterprising young lads, decided to pack up some items they found in the garage to sell to their friends. A new video game had just come out for sale and they were dying to have it.

Joe thought they could find some possible sale worthy items among their dad’s garage stash, but knew they were forbidden to touch the bike. The bicycle was dads’s baby, and he kept very good care of it. The boys had two old clunker banana seat relics passed down from their dad’s brother.

Jack unwisely decided that the untouchable bike would get them to the park faster and easier, since the basket would hold the sale items. Packing everything up, off they went, not realizing the two of them plus the items would be too much.

Bypassing the road, they started through the woods to the park and ran over something that punctured a tire. Landing on the ground as it suddenly stopped, they realized their mistake. It was only a matter of how much and how long they would be in trouble for this escapade.


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