Tarot Reading

Sneaking away from their neighborhood the lovers wanted to find out what the traveling carnival offered. The young couple entered the fortune teller’s tent with great expectations. They had just decided to marry and hoped a beautiful future would be told by tarot cards. Growing up in a strict atmosphere, they had no base of knowledge of such things, but had heard rumors of this woman’s ability, and anticipated a thrilling experience.

Not surprised by the atmosphere, a dim, dust covered crystal ball, and dark colored drapery surrounded the scowl-faced woman. She motioned for them to be seated and lit a candle. It was only a slight luminescence but an unpleasant scent began to fill the small space. She looked over the couple as if she could see into their minds and they shifted in their seats. Clasping hands together, they tried to remain nonchalant, but she was aware of their emotions.

She spread a few tarot cards face down on the cloth and asked a few questions, while sizing up their responses. Then her fee was provided and she began to tell their future. “This card says your marriage will be a happy one, as shown by the sun card, here.” The next card she faces up is the moon card, and says, “your life will take an unexpected turn.” The woman turns over another card, a reversed temperance card. “There will be upheaval in your relationship. And here is when tragedy strikes”, as she reveals the wheel of fortune card, and a reversed death card. I am sorry to tell someone will contract a terminal health condition.”

The young lovers just stare at the cards, not able to comprehend their seemingly ill fate. The woman continues, revealing the last card drawn. “This card for you means loneliness”, as she shows a reversed hermit card. They look at her questioning the results and ask who will be the one to die. “The cards do not say.” was her only answer. She blew out the candle ending the session and they stumbled out of the tent.

As a result, the couple felt they could no longer marry with such a future ahead and decided to spend their lives apart. The fortune teller was happy to have ruined another pair of lovers’ lives just as her own young life was ruined, making her a bitter, hateful woman.





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