3TC 2-11-20

If you look carefully at this map there is much knowledge to be gained. The fate of our elections is here. Where do you think the man chosen will be from? This is the rubbish of the electoral college.


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  1. and then the states with larger populations will dictate to states with smaller populations how things will be. that leaves the small states out of the national political process. I don’t want my future dictated to me by the states of California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas simply because they hold the largest concentration of population when combined.

    this is only one map out of several to look at. look at a US map showing population concentration. looking at this map looks bad until you start understanding that …

    North Dakota, Population 760,000 people
    South Dakota, Population 882,000 people
    Nebraska, Population 1,929,000 people people
    Montana, Population 1,062,000 people
    Wyoming, 577,000 people

    The city of Los Angeles, Population 4,000,000 people
    The city of New York City, Population 8,263,000 people
    The city of Jacksonville, FL, Population 1,523,000 people
    The city of Philadelphia, Population 1,581,000 people
    The city of Chicago, Population 2,716,000 people

    Yeh, I can see how large cities and states with large populations can ultimately dictate to small population states how things will be. that’s how a democracy works but we’re not a democracy; we are a constitutional republic and our system of government was setup in this manner because the fears that the smaller states had of the larger states. the US Constitution was setup to offer equal protection to all regardless of size.

    Furthermore, the number of Electoral College votes is determined by state population. I’ll make the reverse argument with anyone:

    Why should California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania have more votes than the smaller states?

    Why are they allowed to have more political power and sway over the states with smaller populations?

    Are they not all supposed to be treated equally?

    The argument that it will all work out in the end doesn’t wash out any more than it did in 1789. no one will ever alleviate the fears of the smaller states with control of their destiny by the larger states. there is a built-in process to change the US Constitution. either have a Constitutional Convention or have an amendment introduced in the Congress. the amendment clearly and easily could have been introduced by the Congress when the Democrats had a clear super majority in both houses during President Obama’s first term in the 2008 election. no one said or did anything then simply because they had everything going their way and they had the freedom to do pretty much anything that they wanted to do for 2 years. now that the show is on the other foot, the system is “broken” or is “antiquated”. “hogwash!” or as Joe Biden would say “That’s a bunch of malarky!”

    What it all boils down to is there are multiple arguments and no one will ever get everyone to agree and that’s fine because all of us are entitled to our own opinions without having to endure disrespect simply because we disagree with one another.

    No I’m not a Trumpster nor did I vote for him. I am an Independent with Libertarian leanings. I really don’t know who I’m going to vote for this next election simply because n one of the candidates, regardless of party, inspires confidence. In fact, I may just leave that part of my ballot blank. I’ll vote because there are state and local issues that concern me but the Presidential race leaves a lot to be desired.

    Great post! It really got me to thinking.

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    1. my mistake. One Electoral College vote for each Congressional Representative plus one vote for each Senator. so my statement that they are based upon population is only partially correct.

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