Rory’s The Really You #14


It used to be morning. I was one of those early bird people, enjoyed getting up and out in the morning. Now I’m definitely not. My favorite time of day is around five when it’s just getting light out and I am finally comfortable after a sleepless night. Everyone around me has finished revving up the cold engines and scraping ice off their windshields and gone for the day. It’s quiet and I have the luxury of sleeping for once, till about eight-thirty, sometimes till ten. I know I am lucky.😴

At my age, I am patient. I used to be very impatient, still am in certain cases, such as dealing with irritating phone supposedly helpful people. Now I really don’t have a choice. The only one bothered by my impatience is myself, so I try hard not to be. Of course no one is perfect and if I screw up you usually hear about it here. 🙁

Everyday I am grateful I have survived cancer twice. That’s a feat in itself! I have a healthy loving family and we all have a roof over our heads, clothing and food to eat. I am thankful for all of us and the luxuries we have in this world.🥰

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