Simmering. . .

Like a pot of stew

Basking in yesterday’s high

Decided to open my mail

How many services and bills are related to a colonoscopy I ask?

Six months later I am still getting bills from the anesthesiologist, the doctor, the lab, the nurse, the receptionist, the lab assistant, the janitor and the doorman. . .just kidding, there was no doorman.

I was bullied into getting this test in the first place by well meaning, caring family and let’s face it, I caved. First, the whole prep thing is totally disgusting, tiring, and how long can a person actually sit on a toilet seat and remain awake or not be in pain?

The test itself was a piece of cake. The doctor said come back in six months. . .uh huh.

I said the prep caused vomiting which is my least favorite activity in the world and he casually sits there and says, oh, well I could give you medication for that.

What? And how come I wasn’t given this before, six months ago? Of course I didn’t actually say that. Sometimes it takes me a while to process something incredible.

So now the high of yesterday is waning fast. The bills are part of it. Receiving a coupon payment book from Well Care topped it off. My former EFT of 15 dollars to cover prescriptions which I don’t have, but need**in case I ever do need a scrip is now $16.75 and I have to mail it in? I dont mail. Most of the time in the winter I can’t even get to the mail. I use the bank electronic fund transfers that come out automatically or pay by phone. That way I can do it quickly, don’t need to have stamps handy and everyone’s happy.

So this means another call, wait on hold, to ask what’s up with the changes. I haven’t even used the $15.00 monthly prescription insurance the whole year, so why the increase?

Wait, I haven’t looked to see if Trump’s signature is on the bottom of the bill. . .


**How much insurance does anyone need “just in case”? Ripoff!