Courting Disaster

I looked it up, texted, and finally courted, so it is my fault. I refuse to accept I cannot do certain things anymore, partly because of my health, part my age and part where I live.

Still reading? Gold stars all around!⭐️

I was craving chocolate. Old women like me who live alone crave a lot of things I won’t go into here–and I heard that big sigh of relief.🙄

I always have more skim milk than I need, because I hate milk and can’t buy only a quart. So I thought, hey! (That was my first mistake). I could make chocolate pudding! I had a little baking cocoa from last year’s cake I made for my daughters birthday, and the rest of the ingredients most of us have in case we ever want to bake anything. I googled a recipe for using cocoa instead of using my regular cookbook which called for squares of chocolate.

Second mistake, texting. . .the potential recipe to myself. I read the ingredients , plopped them all in the pan and then had to bring to a boil, slowly. Being the impatient person I am, while I did the constant stirring, I thought I’d check the recipe once again.

I should have texted instead of full on courting, but I’ve been cooking for over fifty years, so thought. . .well it doesn’t matter what I thought, I lost it. The recipe. There are hundreds of google recipes for easy chocolate pudding, but not so easy to access a certain one with my only free hand. I saw a similar one but the milk was half the amount. Also, annoying ads and signups kept covering the recipes. I kept trying and finally it was time to add the vanilla. I did, removed from the heat and hoped it would turn out okay.

Of course if you’re still reading, you’re probably wondering about the disaster part. I had two bowls sitting on the counter to receive my beautifully crafted pudding. Unfortunately my now free left hand, not so reliable, slipped with the whisk and it fell. Luckily it fell into the scooter basket, but sprayed the cupboards, dishwasher and me on the short one foot trip. Did you know whisks can bounce? Of course–when they land on the whisky wire end.

All is cleaned up now, two bowls of pudding cooling in the fridge, but I think it will be a while before I try this again. I always think I CAN and of course I want and need to believe it. Next time I want a chocolate fix, I’ll buy some Hershey pudding cups.


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