I survived, and live to tell the tale. If you want to skip the story, most of the prompt words are here in this paragraph. 🤓I know you are probably thinking there she goes again sharing another story from a long list of “living in an apartment” adventures, but I’m not forcing you to grant me a few minutes of your time. I trust you will scan and delete if necessary. If you are still reading and not left my site, I’ll strip the story down and not trap you into a long boring essay, or maybe not. No promises.

I was sitting in my room and it was cold, snowing and windy outside. (Dang, I wish it was a dark and stormy night.) I started to read blogs with my usual…..okay, maybe I am stretching it out…I digress. I heard a tink, tink, and thought maybe the wind was blowing ice onto the window. Followed the sound and found a wave of water coming from the apartment above me, through the heat vent in the bathroom. Then as I backed out, was plopped on from the sprinkler system in the ceiling. I’m not a panicky person, but I have limited towels and live by myself, so no big buckets or roaster pans to catch the torrent.

I grabbed a 13×9 pan and a popcorn bowl and by the time I got back into the bathroom the floor was under water. I threw down four towels, my complete collection, and called maintenance. I then saw water flowing out of the pantry on the floor and water coming down the wall in the living room behind the couch. The couch is a sleeper and I couldn’t budge it.

Maintenance called, said they were shoveling snow and would be right over. It seems the person above locked his two dogs in the bathroom and they turned the water on. How exactly? So that’s why I hear scuffling and whining and yelping. I thought it was the owner getting too rambunctious with his dog, but now of course I know he has two dogs and they fight. Apparently the place is pretty torn up. This is the second neighbor above me that has ruined their apartment with dogs.

At the moment the maintenance people are upstairs, vacuuming, drying, etc the flood. I have towels, etc and full water receptacles all over and I can’t empty them myself. They just checked on me and promise to come over tomorrow morning and clean everything up.

Where are you Murphy? I know you’re hiding here somewhere!


18 thoughts on “Flood!

  1. Im stuck on medical themes ….

    Trust me I’m a doctor
    Strip down to your skin
    Grant me private access
    Share what lies within
    Tell me how you’re feeling
    List your symptoms one by one
    Trap me with your beauty
    Know we’re having fun
    Survive my little vices
    Wave to me from bed
    Left to your own devices
    Still breathing. Not yet dead.

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  2. Like Kate, I hope this is fiction, although I have a feeling it isn’t… If you did get flooded, I hope the maintenance will come soon to clean the mess. What a horrible surprise, just in the middle of the Holidays 😦 *Big hugs*


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