Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt

The church bazaar was in full swing, as the wares for sale were spread on white tablecloths.

“These cookies look yummy! And the decorations are just beautiful!” Little Amy takes one from the table and bites into it. “Yikes! I think I broke my tooth!” Amy starts crying.

The bishop’s wife runs over. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Those are for hanging on the tree! They aren’t edible! Are you all right, Amy?”

Amy’s mom replies, “No worries, she was about to lose that baby tooth anyway.”

Shortly after, a sign was put up over the beautiful cookies: “Not edible, decorating only”.

13 thoughts on “Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt

  1. i actually broke a baby tooth at a church pre-holiday bazaar….one a decoration that I swore was a gingerbread man! I was about 6. Got a spanking for trying to eat one in the pastor’s office……my mother was so NOT happy with me!

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