SoCS 12-14-19


17F and snowing here, the loud snowplows have been out since 6 a.m. My grandson is giving a speech at the Mayor’s Youth Council today at noon, followed by cookie decorating with children.

What’s worrying is a bus trip for granddaughter’s basketball to Laramie in these road conditions. Like Forrest said, “life is like a box. . .you never know what you’re gonna get”, which is true for Wyoming weather.

I’m wishing you all a clear sunny day! And how cool is the new Person of the Year on the cover of Time?


5 thoughts on “SoCS 12-14-19

  1. just started to snow. just tiny flurries right now with lots and lots of time between the flakes………soon. soon it will come down in earnest and I can barely wait!

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