Christine’s Daily Writing Prompts

Gather your beanie, don’t forget mittens

We’re going to the shelter to find some kittens

There’s always plenty to choose from, you’ll see

Hurry up if you’re coming with me!

The woman was urging her husband on

Wanted to get kitties settled by dawn

She decided the home could use something bright

Thought soft loving kitties would be just right

They went by the shelter, chose them with care

Had treats and beds and collars to spare

Only one thing that she didn’t think of, litter

The home supervisors were more than bitter

Rules of the home started to loom

You can’t just leave all these cats in these rooms

They’ll need litter boxes and disinfectant perfume!

They ran into a store just as Christmas Eve ended

Dawn and the kittens plus litter all descended

The staff of the home at first were not pleased

But the smiles of the residents gave them ease.

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