Love Conquers Death

A love so precious he thought, as he spied the frosted choke cherries. A love so delicate and fragile, as he pulled up her covers again. Her fitful sleep disturbed him, but just as the winter scene observed, he knew it was temporary.

Her illness had been coming to such a point she was bedridden and he only salvaged a few lucid moments with her. Her mind was muddled by the disease and the drugs taken to help her, but he relished her every waking moment.

Doctors told him his wife might live a few days more. How could such a thing be possible? They made promises to be together forever, and the time now was too short. He adjusted the blankets so he could lie beside her. If he surrounded her with his body, maybe he could die too, and they would live on together.

The doctor found them the next morning. Curiously, he noticed they both had a pleasant expression, even in death.

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