The Dollar Doeth

“You’ll die by fire for your sins! Repent now or suffer!” Trying to help his hell and damnation story make a point, the preacher jumped down from his box and ran up close to a nicely suited gentleman passing by the crowd.

“People, I ask you to open your heart to this man, on the grounds he is apparently here to ask forgiveness. Sir, surely you know money is the root of all evil!”

A line of hunger starved peasants started filling in the gaps around the well dressed gentleman, frightning him. The intimidation he felt took him by surprise.

“Stand back” the preacher warned, as the gentleman seemed to choke on his cigar. “We can’t know if this man is a sinner by the look of his clothes! He may be able to fly into heaven, himself!”

With that said, the preacher took the scared man aside, exchanged a few words, and the man stuffed something in the preacher’s pocket. The man left and walked quickly into the nearest establishment.

The preacher ran back up on the box and yelled, “See? Anyone can be saved!”

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