SoCS 11-30-19 – Shade

I am a mountain lover, colder temperatures with snow

Everything white blanketed so the under doesn’t show

I think my chauffeur might not agree since sidewalks are uncleared

A trip out for Thanksgiving was just what I had feared

Wheelchair sticking in the ruts, I’m glad he is so strong

A quick trip of thirty feet took extra long.

The sunny parts are still covered but progress being made

While living on the other side, the ice remains in shade.


Happy Saturday, hope you didn’t spend too much on Black Friday. We stayed home. With the snowstorm delay of trash pickup and packages, I’m sure those services are beyond busy today. As for me I’m holed up reading blogs and listening to the daily dog chorus above me. It takes about an hour for the two in separate apartments to stop complaining to each other that their owners left for the day.


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