Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

Have you thought what might happen today

If Draconian laws were still in play

Here in what used to be the”good old USA”

Years ago when people were held at bay

Demonstrations and behaviors, opinions they say

Your childish words sound similar to a donkey’s bray

Heard over and over, repeated each day

Unbelievably cruel as you continue to neigh

Happenings occurring are no longer gray

And still they are on your side, calling nay

Is it time for all the hate you sprayed

To come home to roost at your home’s bay

We can only hope as they testify to eventually sway.

3 thoughts on “Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

  1. Amen. Amen. Amen.
    It is time for spines to straighten and people to demand that sanity be returned and the insanity of the current administration be restrained, and those who lead by destruction be replaced.

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