FFFC #26 – Dune-ish

The two old men stood on the slippery moving sidewalk to board the bus. Transportation had evolved quite a bit in their lifetime, not all of it seemed welcoming. The new floating bus appeared and they noticed its appearance triggered a memory.

Wow, I told you!

That the new bus system is revolutionizing travel today?

Nah, I’m talking about the design. Doesn’t it remind you of anything?


Remember Dune?

I never read it, too many thick volumes and quite depressing.

I stopped after the first one, but saw the movie. Did you see the remake in 2020?

Nah, my vision is so bad I don’t enjoy movies anymore, besides those sounds and movable seats? You might as well go on a rollercoaster! I never liked them, either.

I just remove my hearing aids and enjoy it all.




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