Time to Write

What’s the plan?

I’ll stand at the door waiting to go outside and you grab the bag. The distraction should last long enough. Okay?

Okay, just let me get ready. I’ll hide under the table till she comes.

The old cat twirled her way around her mistress’ legs and then approached the sliding glass door. The ingenue pup cowardly hid under the table, anticipating his chance to hop onto the chair, grab the bag of cookies, leap down and run into the next room. He had never attempted to defy his mistress but the old cat threatened him with a clawed swipe on his nose.

Mistress opened the door, then slowly slid the glass shut. Her attention only diverted long enough for the young dog to complete his mission. Hiding in the next room, waiting for the old cat to share the prize, he felt relieved he wasn’t caught.

Hearing the door opening again, he waited for the feline to join him. Instead, the old cat drew her mistress into the room to discover the guilty pup. Scolding him, mistress placed the bag on a high shelf. The pup swore he saw a smile on the old cat’s face as he was locked back inside his kennel.


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