3TC June 24, 2019

Paula’s three things challenge today: pants, intercom, beetle

The team was ready, all dressed in their new baseball uniforms, with striped shirts and white pants. The old intercom crackled as the announcer asked for the referees to come onto the field for the anthem. The first game of the youth baseball season was about to begin.

As the music stopped and the home team took their positions, the six year old pitcher seemed to be dancing on the mound. The referee yelled a “straighten up, we’re ready to start” warning to the lad, but his movements were similar to a Michael Jackson tribute. The umpire also yelled, but his “play ball” was completely ignored by the boy who’s movements now involved pulling down his new white pants.

Shocked parents were heard mumbling “oh, my god”, and other exclamations as the boy flailed about. The pitcher’s coach came running and discovered the problem. It seems a large beetle had invaded the private parts of the boy’s uniform.





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