MLMM Wordle #139

Granny Smith apples, who doesn’t love that sweet tart taste? Yes, that’s what I was thinking as I crunched on the green delight on my way home. There was a frosty feeling in the air that wet afternoon, as the sky turned dark with thunder clouds and I was afraid lightning might strike any moment.

I repressed my fear as I ducked into a doorway and a bright bolt shogged its way next to my feet. I regretted my insipience at starting on this trek until the clouds turned into evening sunlight as they always did.

I tried the doorknob, thinking the building looked abandoned and I could take refuge inside with no problems. As soon as the door gave way I could feel a wispy presence. It was not a vision, more a feeling, and I felt I was not alone. I expected to hear a chain dragging its way behind some ethereal ghost of a being, and a chill came over me. Thinking it was the afternoon weather and not my fear, I stepped further into the space.

Suddenly a stutter escaped my lips as my host leaped into my arms. I dropped the apple and found a damp furry creature had decided I was her saving grace. I was relieved and thought the kitten was also happy for a companion. We spent a few minutes commiserating about the threatening thunder and then I took her home with me.


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