Movie monsters

Don’t open that

Don’t go in there

Do you see what I see

Let’s split up

It’s behind me, isn’t it

All said by the usual mismatched group of teenagers out on their own in a candlelit cabin in dark scary woods. Will they be lucky enough to have one complete brain between them and not venture out alone? Will there be one who thinks this venture was a bad idea?

Meanwhile, the ever present guy with some sort of bloody weapon is waiting. Or could it be the alien predator snake like with some expanding suction type mouth octopus armed creature we are so too familiar with?

Where’s the new idea, the new concept? Disappointed, again. Mr. King, you fail to impress since the clown in “IT”. Not the remake, not the movie, but the book. More is not always better.


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13 thoughts on “Movie monsters

    1. Between that and reading “Amityville Horror” as a kid, and I was reading this really intense part, and my cat “pooky” jumped in my lap… Not only did the book get thrown across the room, but I got clawed, and screamed so damn loud… everyone in the household and a neighbor came running in to save me.
      Go figure… A person with extreme anxiety really enjoying horror books and movies. Minus the ones with clowns. LOL!

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    2. That is funny. I used to read all the time and just discovered one of Wally Lamb’s books I loved is being made into a movie with Mark Ruffalo. I’m looking forward to it.

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