Rory’s Fashionista Questionnaire

Could you cope with buying no clothes for a full year?


How many pairs of coloured/patterned socks do you possess?

Probably twenty or so. It’s cold here.

What is YOUR number one fashion rule?

Easy off and on, no buttons.

What is the quirkiest customised outfit you have ever worn and where and what for did you wear it?

A friend dresses as a clown, sings, plays the accordion to entertain in nursing homes and asked me to join her. I dressed as an opera singer, lots of makeup, rose in my hair. It was great fun.

In your opinion what are 5 basic but important items of clothing?

Nice shirt, nice pants, skirt and good fitting underwear.

Ok, so Flares? Once popular for the 70’s sure …. but where are they now?

I’ve seen some sixties and seventies clothing making a comeback. Yikes!

Which are your best three quotes that mean the most to you with regards fashion/clothing/lifestyle?

I have none.

You obviously have favourite colours you enjoy wearing, we all do – but if you were asked to wear the opposite colours to what you normally wear what would those colours be?

Bright pink, bright yellow, bluish red.

What are the wrong trousers to wear like ever?

I think the most unflattering pants are very wide legged or ones that stop in the middle of the calf.

What is your favourite style of nightwear from the following options?

I wear a camisole and underwear.

Would you wear stripes with  squares?

Probably not

Which out of the following line up are you most likely to wear?

Heels, Boots, Flats, Loafers, Sneekers, Brogues, Thongs [Flip Flops], Running Shoes, sandals, Wedges, Slippers, Lace Ups, Decks, Wellingtons, Riding Boots, Mules, Ankle Boots, Boat shoes, Chukkas, Chelsea Boot, Slips ons?

I wear slip on dressy shoes or sneakers. I also have a pair of lined boots for snow. Needless to say they don’t get worn out!😂

Are hats your thing? If so which styles?

I have one sun hat I wore to a graduation

For women; last time you wore a scarf and for men; last time you wore a tie?

I have a long thick knitted scarf I wear on our cold windy days.

Have you ever physically suffered for the sake of a fashion trend?

Years ago I walked in a pair of high heels to an event, didn’t know we weren’t taking the car. My feet swelled horribly. Those were the days of pantyhose. Today I would have taken them off.

I don’t follow fashion trends, some are laughable! Because I’m always sitting and have brake handles to contend with I wear leggings and nonflaring tops.


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