The Haunted Wordsmith 5-10-19

“Why is there such an intimidating lock on this door? I wonder what happens if I try to open it?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Sandra spouted, being the older one in the group of schoolmates. The academy had left the girls on their own to explore the “Witches of Salem” tour. “You will immediately be set upon by a spell!” Receiving gales of laughter from all, Julie was still curiously investigating the door.

Julie was just reaching out to open the door when a tall thin man in a black top hat and long coat put himself between her and the door. “Oh, my dear young lady, that would not be wise. Many a pretty young tourist has succumbed to the power of the door. I would strictly advise against it. Now move along ladies, enjoy the rest of the tour.”

Grudgingly, the group moved on to the cafe, next on the schedule, to eat a lunch especially prepared for the visitors, consisting of rattail soup, hemlock salad and mouse mousse for dessert. All but Julie were happy to move on and finish the day’s tour.

That evening, Julie woke Sandra and convinced her to sneak out of their cabin and go back to investigate the door. As they neared, a mist suddenly appeared and surrounded the girls. It seemed to consist of white ethereal friendly figures, urging them without words away from the door. Deciding they were not brave enough to investigate further, the frightened girls returned to find themselves in the crosshairs of the matron at the door of their cabin. “Curfew was three hours ago! Where have you been? I was about to call the local constables!”

Sandra and Julie, white faced and admonished, crawled into their beds, glad to be safe. The next day the tour continued in a library consisting of volumes of material on witches and the like. The two girls were not surprised to find a section writing about so named white witchery. Apparently these “good witches” kept children from harm.


FOWC with Fandango — Crosshairs

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