MLMM Tale Weaver #222 – Aging. . .moan

Second childhood, you say, and why is that! I wonder? Who ever came up with that term? The only thing I regret is being stuck in a wheelchair, but aging has nothing to do with it. If I was not, there wouldn’t be many changes in my life, no matter my age.

I have always been clumsy, always done my own thing, said pretty much anything I wanted to say, and went wherever I wanted. I had a nice life, was married for 47 years and I am fine most of the time now on my own. I do get lonely, but I also had lonely times being married.

I suppose you reach a certain level of freedom with age, as long as you are basically healthy. I’m not on medications, and as healthy as I can be at the present time. My only concern is transportation, and that’s not because of my age. There are no bus stops around me, and curb to curb bus service was suspended because I can roll myself a block. What one has to do with the other, I have no idea. Probably it’s the state and its infinite wisdom of never putting themselves in anyone else’s shoes.

All in all, I am truly lucky. I watched my grandparents age, become incapacitated and stuck in beds and probably wishing they would die. I know I wouldn’t want to live that way. Each person has their own way of aging, just look at Susie over at She doesn’t know the meaning of the word aging!

It’s how I perceive the world. As long as I don’t spend too long in front of the mirror admiring my increasing wrinkles, I can sit and be depressed and moan about my age or get on with it. It’s better than the alternative, isn’t it?


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