MLMM Wordle #131 + A Ripple in Time

I thought it unrealistic, his contacting me again. His approach a bit wonky, but I think I was ready to give in to the fact we were always going to be friends, at least some sort of friends. It was only a ripple in time. I tapped the return icon and found myself saying yes to a dinner party invitation.

I chose the lovely green satin to compliment my eyes; my disposition was cheery on the outside, trying to appear nonplussed, but then I saw him. How could I resist that crisp white shirt, the piercing blue eyes, the scruff that had since turned grey? He was never that polished looking, even on occasions like this. I tried looking away to some other person in the crowd, but his magnetism was too great. Somewhere a bell sounded and everyone took their seats.

Suddenly he was behind me pulling out my chair and I seemed to stop breathing. As he settled beside me, I marveled at what fate had sat him next to me? My metanoia vanished, I was completely within his power once more. I glanced sideways to find his blue eyes burning into mine. It was an unspoken signal, he was back. I am sure I blushed openly, and there it was, that smile, that “I know I have you” smile, on his face. I felt hot, too hot, and I backed up my chair to leave the room. Fumbling with my tiny bag, I retrieved my handkerchief to dab at my cheeks.

My rising was so abrupt I knocked my chair to the floor. Of course he quickly righted it and mumbled an apology as I left for the balcony door. I was catching my breath, taking in the coolness of the evening air when he touched my arm. “Are you all right?”

It seemed sincere, I wanted to believe it. The entire idea of coming here was to see him again. Shouldn’t I have expected this? I turned to face him. He kissed me, and once again I was there, falling under his spell. As he held me tighter still, I melted into him, as I always had before. It was only my subconscious thinking how long it would be before he’d leave me again, used and ashamed that I was so malleable. I pushed it aside. I accepted the invitation, the touch, the kiss I had been yearning for. I would be enraptured again, for as long as it lasted.

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