Is it me? RANT


Irritated, dismayed, frustrated, agog, flabbergasted, discouraged, tired, are only a few words I feel as I read numerous opinions and reports about the campaign of Mr. Trump and his family.

The CNN reporter above voices his opinion and “hope” we Americans will do……WHAT, exactly? Vote? Because that worked out so well three years ago?

I feel as though we are drowning here with no recourse, that 2020 won’t be any different. It’s a complete farce with Mr. Trump as the main clownish actor–successfully overiding an increasing tragedy.

Laws were broken, but it seems no one is capable of standing up against this tyrant. This is NOT what America is about, is it? All historical documents being twisted or ignored completely?

Is it me? I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode that never ends.



16 thoughts on “Is it me? RANT

  1. I like to stay away from this stuff although between now and 2020 it will be impossible, the way I see it is we are overall a nation of great people and we don’t have to agree but should respect how people choose to vote. Mums the word for me I dont tell anyone who I vote for

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  2. James

    People of the western world are being manipulated not just in USA. The mainstream press reporting things designed to alarm. Keep populations in fear. As an example. UK says China is to be feared, etc. Then they have a People’s Rep advising their GCHQ on security? With all the access, that entails. The sooner we wake up and see, that we are all being manipulated and drained of economic value. The fix is in … Cheers Jamie

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  3. I’m sick and tired of the DC clowns who do nothing other than fight with one another and worry about people from other countries without a care in the world for US citizens who should be helped first. it’s a sad day when homeless vets are kicked take a back seat to foreigners.

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