MLMM Wordle #130

All eyes on the plaintiff as she sat there faking tears

“The accusation is not false,” she said, “I implore my peers”

The courtroom viewed him in contempt, as she testified

“But, I’m innocent of this charge, can’t you see she’s lying?”

The husband sat there, twisted in his defensive seat

“My alibi will serve no justice, I accept defeat.”

Hearing that, his wife regretted the entire trial

Admitting she spoke in perjury, accusing him of vile.

“In my defense,” she said, “I involved you in this scheme-

I wanted what we used to have, bringing back the dream.

Your attention was what I desired, can’t you see?

Years of ambivalence, from you involving me.”

At this point the judge, and the jury too

Shook their heads and left, the law was now askew.



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