FFF Challenge #10

“Hurry dear, we only have a few minutes till they realize we’re gone.” Harold took his wife’s hand, urging her to quicken her pace. The masks would only protect them for a few hours and they had to make the most of it.

Mary tried to keep up, but the ground was rocky and her shoes seemed to stick at every step. The tar-like filled ground was constantly fed from the sky, and avoiding the falling mess was another reason to hurry.

Both scientists entered the new Save the Earth program with high expectations and naïveté. After working to improve the atmosphere for over twenty years, they finally succumbed to the fact all were doomed to reap the benefits of carbon based pollution.

Harold and Mary were yearning for the fresher fields of their childhood as they could see the biodome was only a few more miles ahead in distance.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #10

Yearning – Word of the Day Challenge

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