Rory’s Late Night Quick Draw

Well describing myself in seven words might be a chore, since I’m such a fascinating creature. . .humorous (looks aren’t everything), compassionate, impatient, loving, wheelchair bound, and curious.

I find humor in almost everything.

French fries

Plum wine

Maple walnut

“And Sometimes I Just Sits” by our own Jim Webster.

“Hurt Locker”. . .again!

Pot roast

Bacon and eggs

I love all music, except most rap

Fourteen days in Hawaii

Hawaii again

Toss up between wolves and tigers

I like most games, currently Scrabble with grandkids

Watching any sports my grandkids play or rugby in general. The Red Sox this year were fantastic!

There was a little girl who had a little curl….thought it was about me. . .probably was

It must be red, maybe blue, green?

Any day spent with my kids and/or their kids is perfect


Thanks, Rory, it was fun!


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