A to Z Challenge – V – Veterans

The plight of Veterans came home to me again last night as I watched a particularly poignant episode of “Seal Team”. Part of the episode showed a sadly typical day at a VA hospital with patients waiting and not being able to be treated.

I realize this is fiction–the premise is not. I saw this treatment locally at a VA hospital here which is a chosen hub by surrounding states.

We seem to spend money on weapons we’ll never use and vacations for wealthy leaders, but when a person returns after a tour of duty, seeing and experiencing things an average American couldn’t imagine, we drop them like a hot potato.

I’ve met PTSD sufferers, seen the lines, and helpless employees in the system. This dynamic needs to change. Our current “king” hasn’t a clue, much less the mental capability to know what it’s like to be in their shoes.



5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – V – Veterans

  1. Up through my Brothers and Cousins most of us went into the military as did my Uncles and Grandparents and on and on even my Wife… Of the current young folks, none have joined. They see what they’re great uncles, uncles grandparents and their parents went through and aren’t willing.

    I wouldn’t be anymore either, kids coming home now and those before… they dont get enough help, or support. Currently we have been in Combat since I believe… 1991 to one extent or another. Even Im not sure and I should be.

    Sorry it makes me sad/mad Good post thanks!

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  2. My FIL was a SEAL during Vietnam. PTSD doesn’t begin to cover those bases. The VA helped him though. He calls his mes routine his daily cocktail. It keeps him regulated, and from ripping heads off. You can tell immediately if he missed a day. That’s said, I’ve heard some horror stories from vets about the VA. 😕

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    1. Yes. I’m glad they helped him. Maybe it’s because now there are so many and so little funds? I’m sure soldiers of old suffered the same, guess they just endured without help.

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    2. I’d imagine vets from way back when didn’t get much, or refused to use the VA. One of my grandpa’s refused to do the VA, and he had services available to him as a decorated WWII vet. Just wouldn’t go. That says a lot, I think. 😕

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