Wp woes

Sorry everyone. I can’t leave comments for some reason on your sites, I’ll try email. No matter of waiting, tapping, etc lets my iPad respond. Probably me, or iPad. How long are they supposed to last? I know iPhones are only good for a year or so, at least that’s what I’ve heard. My iPad is 7-8 years old. I could use my phone but WP doesn’t recognize me. If you get anonymous comments, it might be me😂🙄😳😄

Have a great problem free day! Like that’s going to happen. . .


21 thoughts on “Wp woes

    1. Oh, really? To be honest I don’t really use my phone for WordPress other than to reply to my comment sometimes and look at my legs but are use my laptop for reading peoples blogs I don’t use the reader on WordPress I get notifications via email of new posts in peoples blogs maybe well really not sure what to tell you to do you know if updating has caused that issue, could you maybe get a don’t mean for your blog and the personal plan I think that’s the cheapest but it’s not that much that’s the plan I have is the personal plan

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  1. I’ve also had an iphone for a few years, no problem except with WP….grrrr. So many problems, sometimes I can’t like or leave a comment, maybe it’s because with so many ads WP is literally forcing people to upgrade and the self owned sites aren’t working well with phones.

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