Rory’s Spin the Yarn – Devil or Angel

In school I was rumored to be a devil, or angel, depending on their outlook. I usually kept to myself, but if cornered I was able to fight back. You might say I had my “ways”.

It wasn’t long after moving to a new city that I met a friend at the school. I thought she was a friend, I certainly needed one. I learned to trust her, because being the new girl in school is not exactly easy, wanting to be accepted, yet not lose my individuality.

I learned a lot from this girl, most of it gave me the education for the devil in me. You see we all have a devil in us, some keep it well hidden and others seem not to care what others think and show it often and openly.

In the second year at school, I met a young man I thought would be wonderful to be with. At first he doted on me and me on him. I left the safety of my female friends and accepted him as my only one. I felt and acted the part of the angel, a pet name he gave me.

I soon learned I was wrong, that he still loved his former girlfriend. I was just a pawn as he plotted to make her jealous.

It was then the devil showed it’s face. Being heartbroken, betrayed and now looked upon as a fool by my girlfriends, my vengeful side took over. Yes, I was a fool. I left my friends and let him take over my life.

That Friday morning, classes had started but I was not attending. I walked into the parking lot and made sure no one was watching. I took a bottle opener and scored his favorite posession, his car. I then left a typewritten note on the dashboard claiming responsibility by his reunited girlfriend.

The next day I went to class as usual. I rejoined my friends at lunch in the cafeteria and heard gossip of the broken relationship. I held in my smile.

“How Credible or Creative do you find my tale – please score me out of 10.”


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