Story Starter 4-6-19

Sign here.” He stood there, hands on hips staring down at me. I suppose he thought his intimidating stance would make me do it.

Always a venturesome person, I had completed the basics of most every sport. Being an athlete was important to me. All the years of hiking, boating, skiing and then participating in the Ironman contest was icing on the cake.

It was only natural that I participate in the “Dancing with the Stars” competition when urged by the television show’s producers. Dancing was not my best sport, but I certainly enjoyed it and thought, why not try it too? As with any televised concept there are contracts and being eager and probably naive, I signed the bottom line.

It was the rehearsal for the first actual performance that it happened. I was “performing” a lift with my partner and something cracked in my spine. The injury left me in a wheelchair for an indeterminable amount of time.

As I sat there with their lawyer over me, telling me to sign away my insurance claims, I thought about how stupid I was to let my ego determine the outcome. I was excited to be recognized on the television show and failed to read the fine print.


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