Story Starter 4-4-19

Joey hurried down the stairs. He wanted to find his big brother as fast as he could. The lightning and thunder frightened him and only his brother Sam could make him feel safe. “You’re such a scaredy cat” his sister Mary taunted. She placed herself next to the window to show she was unafraid.

Their parents had gone out for the night to a lecture series. Both being history professors, their children were also history buffs. Even Joey at the age of ten was learning.

Sam was in charge. The most charming quality of Sam was his sense of humor. He watched over his younger siblings with great care. He realized Joey would come to him for comfort. He settled on the floor with Joey snuggled into him.

Suddenly the lights went out. Joey tried to bury himself in Sam’s shirt. Lights flickered and came back on to stay. Sam couldn’t help himself, saying in his deepest English accent voice “it was our darkest hour“. Even Mary had to laugh!

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