Story Starter 29 – Homeschooling – an excellent choice

A few of my grandchildren have been and are homeschooled. With the environment of schools at this time it is an excellent alternative. More opportunities for education and exploring with added programs and multiple resources affect a complete education.

I’ve said this to my twelve year old granddaughter, who amazes me, thinking about being an astrophysicist, “Who are you, Einstein?”

6 thoughts on “Story Starter 29 – Homeschooling – an excellent choice

  1. I fully approve of homeschooling, though in UK you have to jump through hoops before you’re allowed it. For a while I homeschooled my oldest girl (she had a problem with school, and then she was ill); she got on so much better. But we didn’t like the way it set her apart from her friends. So, in the end, she returned to regular schooling … and bummed it.


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