Worth the Effort

I was always told nothing of value could be accomplished without putting in the effort. . .if at first you don’t succeed. . .words I’m sure we’ve all heard quite a few times. The idea is to dedicate yourself entirely to a project and with hard work and perseverance you will end up with a desired outcome.

Certainly we’ve seen this in our current leader. Everything he does is to promote himself and his off the wall–pun intended–ideas; not to improve our nation as a whole, not to help the helpless, promote goodwill in the world, but to help himself. He wants to be president again in 2020. How can we prevent this? By taking age old wisdom of the first two sentences and applying it.

Manicured fingers tweeting

Hate and dominance repeating

Busy thumbs don’t ever stop

Printing words that are pure slop

Talking hate, it never ends

Berating all of our old friends

Secrets, treaties, no amends

Isolation seems his trend.

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