Lights, Camera, Action!

The neon glow enveloped the city built by and for corporations. Mary looked in awe, her dream coming true. She had wanted this life, being an actress, since she was six years old. Her first attempt was a talent contest at her elementary school when she received first prize. From then on, all of her efforts were to achieve the one thing, fame as an actress.

The lights mesmerized her as she walked down the most famous street of all. She noticed there were very few people on the street this time of the night but she felt no fear or intimidation. She worked hard to be here and enjoyed the reward of seeing the neon lights in person.

The closer she came to the bright pink column, her eyes seemed to lose focus. She thought it was just tiredness after the long bus ride. She passed a derelict who reached out to her, whispering, “turn back” in a gravelly voice. She hurried by him when a few feet past, another figure stepped out of a doorway frightening her with another warning, “go back home”. She started to feel goosebumps on her skin and an eerie feeling came over her. The printed signs didn’t seem to be in English, just symbols. Mary thought her dream had come true, but as she turned around, the scene changed. The encompassing neon lights became too bright and she passed out on the street.

“Another one for our experiments, Sydney. She’s lovely and young. This will take time, heh, heh.” The two henchmen carried yet another victim into the large building–corporate headquarters for “Youth Beauty Serums”.


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