MLMM Wordle #126 – Trials in a Schoolyard

It was an everyday occurrence in the school yard. A cozen or divertissement to bedevil their target, Johnny Jones. Johnny was one of those weird kids that happens along for the bemusement of others. At least that’s how everyone had surmised him from the beginning. They all thought he was willing to endure the tricks, the taunts, because he always started to cry and never quit until they left him alone.

Even the girls wouldn’t take the upper hand, showing no sympathy as girls tend to do in these situations, and were useless to help. Johnny tried to keep his distance from the bullying, but the school and yard were small and there was no escape.

These actions resulted in Johnny developing a hidden crust of invulnerability, and as time went on, his height became an advantage. By the age of twelve, Johnny stood a foot taller than his tormentors, thanks to his father’s genes. It wasn’t so easy to intimidate Johnny when he towered over them. He also developed a certain look on his face that was a warning he was not going to take the abuse any longer.

The trials of Johnny Jones were long and painful, but he learned he could control the outcome with a different demeanor. The bullies’ efforts no longer caused a clatter in the school yard, that is until a new student arrived, Mary Smith. Mary was so pretty, the twelve year old bullying boys were just flabbergasted, but the girls? Now it was their turn to rattle Mary every day. It should have been no surprise to anyone who came to Mary’s rescue.


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