Sunday Photo Fiction – My Way or the Highway

Susan could hardly wait! It was their third month anniversary and he had a surprise for her. Being a single young woman of twenty-six, she knew what she wanted and hoped she had found it, with Jim.

The bell chimed and she rushed to the door. Jim had also taken his time getting ready for the anniversary date. He showered, shaved, and applied her favorite cologne. He didn’t want to make too big a thing of it, so dressed in a new t-shirt and shorts. He enjoyed time with Susan, but not ready for a serious relationship. It was the anniversary of their first date, thought he’d picked the perfect surprise for the day.

Susan tried not to show her disappointment in Jim’s casual attire, and her curiosity was tweaked thinking what his “surprise” might be. Her hopes continued to travel down the “d” road as he suggested they walk a few blocks. Her new high strapped sandals started to rub painfully as the walk lengthened. Finally he stopped and told her to close her eyes. When she opened them, there was her surprise, two bright yellow rent-a-bikes. She just turned back to him with disheartened expression and said, “no way!”


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