MLMM First Line Friday

“Well I think it’s funny!”

Amanda eyed her husband with a curious look. “Have you been sitting here all afternoon? I thought we were to meet at eight before he came on.”

“Well sure, I met up with Joe for a couple drinks before he went on at six. . .you know, just to loosen him up before his first set. It’s pretty nerve wracking trying to make a comeback in this business. And it wasn’t his fault his life turned into a crap shoot.”

Jack was right, it wasn’t Joe’s fault. He lost his regular day job while trying to make it as a comedian, probably the toughest gig in show business, but he was good in his day. Now, ten years later, he had lost his wife, kids were away, and he thought maybe he could try again. It was a dream of course, making people laugh. It started out well and then as his life experienced a turn for the worst, the jokes came less easy. Now his act was mostly about how ironic life can be, losing the upbeat persona he was famous for.

Joe and Jack were old friends and they supported each other any way needed. Jack’s wife wasn’t lenient with his time and of course nightclubs and their atmosphere didn’t appeal to her either. She didn’t want her husband going back to the college years he and Joe shared.

“Relax, have a drink, Amie, we’ll just stay for the second set. And try to at least smile, would you? Joe needs our support right now.” Amanda ordered a double.


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  1. I felt for Joe. Ten years is a long while in show biz, and with humour depending upon personal tastes, and those tastes are changing, I can imagine his old brand of humour falling upon unappreciative ears. Add to that a huge case of depression … nah, nothing there to find funny. But I did find it compelling to read. 🙂

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