JuJoJa 11

Living in Tyler, TX, the weather was usually never flu conducive, always a pleasant, even boring climate. Growing up in VT, there was always a change of seasons I welcomed. The home in TX, one of many, was built by a contractor and had many amenities, including a pool and a fireplace. We had three inside cats at the time and two dogs outside, (never the twain shall meet).

I’m not sure we ever used the fireplace even though most homes had one in that area. One day I was reading in the living room and heard a fluttering in the fireplace flue, and out came a bird! It flew right over to the top of the drapes across the room.

Before I could even move, the old mother cat leaped up and had the bird in her mouth. Unfortunately I heard a crunch. I made her drop it, tried to save the poor thing, but of course I could not. I closed the flue immediately, not ever wanting that to happen again.

I didn’t realize the old cat was capable of leaping so far so high so fast. I really never liked her after that. She had always been what I think of as a typical cat, while the other two were very loving. Guess I do hold a grudge.

#JusJoJan 2019 Daily Prompt – Jan. 11th


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  1. Reminds me of the cat we had when I was a kid. Though I’m sure it used to catch other, plainer, birds too, it only used to bring the pretty coloured ones in to eat behind the sofa. Maybe it did it to annoy my mother. She used to freak! 🙂

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    1. My mother’s milkman (in years gone by) used to complain that our cat left him a gift all too often on the doorstep. A mouse’s head (actually, it was more often a shrew) But yea, generally the dog is more renowned for it. Appeasing the Alpha.

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