Word of the Day: Immature

At my age, could be mentally classified as immature

A challenge as I’m rivaled by a child of ten and three.

Education has improved I certainly agree

Shouldn’t life as lived lead to some maturity?

If I could I’d slide the snow, and skate the ice

Pool diving, even swimming would be nice

Climbing trees, and hopscotch or even kick the can

All these pleasant actions I would choose to plan

Maturity in body isn’t happiness as a rule

I’ll just visit memories of playing after school

The level of maturity I suppose is in the brain

Recognizing limits, always hear this old refrain:

You’re only as old as you feel. I’m not buying it.


7 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Immature

    1. Best not do it then. Take my word for it: It’s dead embarrassing having to be rescued. And I was the tree-climbing champion of the village when I was at school. I bested my brother. And all his mates. That was before I developed a fear of heights! Such things come with age, Just as agility goes sneaking away. ๐Ÿ™‚

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